Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Juggling Act

Since returning to the work place, and workers comp stopping, life seems to have become a juggling act. Gone is the standard 5 day week, the reliable pay packet, the regularity of the week.

With the return to work has come an increase of time spent at work, and then the workload at work (naturally), the irregular pay packet, the reduction in pay packet and decisions about what my week should look like.
This year I've become an independent Nutrimetics Consultant - the start of a small business that my hope will become a big business. I've also had different placements each term at different schools. Actually my current placement will last all semester! Whoot! But this current placement is only one day a week, which unfortunately isn't enough to live on or keep me occupied.
So... what to do?
Answer - study! Bring on Grad. Dip. Business - Event Management. Full time...
So now my week looks like - study, work, nutrimetics business admin and parties and facials, assignments, readings, training, relief when it happens, centrelink and I can't think what else at the moment, but my first assignment is due tomorrow arvo, and what am I writing instead?? My blog.
Makes perfect sense as usual!!

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