Sunday, September 2, 2012

Food! Glorious Food!

After 3 years of stress leave, major anxiety and depression my body was a mess both internally and externally. The external is relatively easy to clean up with Nutrimetics, but the internal is taking longer. My mum put me onto the GAPS book; and after a lot of contemplation, I've decided to go gluten & cereal free.
However, as much as I like eggs, having them for breakfast every day is getting a bit thin. Especially on the mornings when I've overslept and I'm in a rush to get to work. I really want something I can put in a container and take with me, like I used to do with my bircher muesli.
After some thought, this morning I came up with a solution...
Chopped nuts and dried fruit with yoghurt. I put some almonds, raw cashews, macadamia nuts and sunflower seeds through my Kenwood's coffee grinding attachment so they were almost floured, then put some goji berries, dried apricots and dried dates through the chopper too. Mix with natural yoghurt and add a bit of natural, unrefined honey and yummo!! Breakfast to go!! I've mixed up one bowl with yoghurt to 'soak' before eating that's now sitting in the fridge, although this morning I ate a bowl without having let it soak. Then all I have to do is spoon it out and perhaps add some fresh fruit!!
I'm excited!!

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