Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fine breakfasting in Perth?

Is such a thing even possible?
I have to say, I often find going out for breakfast hard to stomach. I’ve eaten Weetbix for breakfast nearly all my life, so starting the day with something else, particularly on a week day, seems to throw off the whole ‘feel’ of the day entirely.
That being said however, I enjoy eating out and trying new things – provided my day started right!
So then my dilemma arises. There’s always lots of different and yummy options for breakfast, but what to choose so that the rest of the day ‘sits right’? Then what if the choice was a dud? Is it worth hazarding feeling slightly off for the rest of the day just to try something new?
the imp My brother and I went to The Imp for breakfast Saturday morning and I have to say I wasn’t that impressed.
Usually known for it’s fine food and coffee, my breakfast wasn’t all that tasty; the coffee was just above standard thankfully, but nothing to write home about.
Both my brother and I ordered their ‘Big Breakfast’, usually a good choice and quite a standard dish at most restaurants. The tomato was over cooked, the bacon under cooked and also on the plate was a small serving of baked beans… which neither of us were impressed to see. (My brother was in Perth for a wedding that day, so baked beans wouldn’t have been a wise choice for him at all!)
The coffee (I had a latte), at least wasn’t a let-down. It did have a nice thick foamy top and it wasn’t bitter. For a large latte, the size of it was ok as well. It always baffles me however, when a large latte is served in a large glass, without a napkin or collar around it at all. How are you supposed to pick the glass up and drink your coffee without burning your fingers in the process? And what’s the point of ordering coffee if its going to be lukewarm by the time you get to drink it? Then if you use the napkin that comes with your cutlery, what do you do when your food arrives?
The whole dining experience can be ruined because of the lack of a napkin when you need it.