Monday, December 20, 2010

Ode to the Cream Bun

Oh lightly browned crust
That just doesn't crumble
All over my shirt
From just one small bumble

Soft white fluffy bun
How thy insides do please
Thy texture is light
Could be caught on a breeze

A diagonal cut 'cross the top
Doth thy rift
Yet were it left empty
T'would cause more than a fit

Thy filling is quite
A delight to mine eyes
Not too much or too little
The right, exact size

White, fluffy and creamy
Only moderately sweet
Causing both sides of the bun
Together to meet

A dollop of jam
On top doth create
The right harmonization
For the discerning palate

I gently prize thee apart
And spread all of thy filling
Evenly betwixt both thy sides
Preventing the possibility of pilling

The first bite, what delight!
A smile spreads over my face
Yet fades all too quick
How often the case

Too quickly consumeth
The cream bun doest I
But savoring the moment
Till another I doest buy