Monday, March 2, 2009

Queen of Colds

Well we've only just hit Autum, and already I've got a cold.
For me, it's not so much about what time of year it is, but how busy/stressed I am that causes me to catch a cold.
One year (when I was working) I had about 8 colds or more! I don't remember being well that year. However, it has given me the ultimate advantage for knowing how to look after myself when I'm not well. My house-mates call me the 'Queen of Colds' because whenever they're sick, they only get advice from me, not sympathy.
At the first sign of a cold start taking 'Ease-a-cold' Flu strength, day and night tablets, start drinking lots of fluids and go to bed!
'Ease-a-cold' is great because it eases the severity and duration of a cold/flu. It's also great because it's all natural stuff - no hard chemicals/drugs. This is a good thing for me, cause when you're on heavy anti-depressants, cold and flu tablets (eg, Codrol, Sudafed etc) don't mix well!
Sleep also reduces the severity and duration of a cold. Don't be afraid of calling in sick! Even if you get abused when you do.
Vicks Vapour Drops are also good, 'cause they soothe the throat and clear the nose. They now come in different strengths and flavours too.
Panadol - necessary for the fever, headaches and general achy symptoms that come with a cold.
Steamers or Sinus Rinsers - very important! Do regulary, and often. It helps clear out all the gunk from your sinuses, keeps it moist - so stops blockages and cysts forming. Also, if you keep your sinuses clear during the first part of the cold, there wont be as much coughing down the track and you will prevent chest infections from happening.
Vicks Vapour Rub - helps keep the head clear in-between steamers/sinus rinses.
Doctor - they can't prescribe anything for the common cold, as it's just a virus, but they can fill in doctors certificates and get you more time off work.
All important, above all - rest! Even if it's just sitting on the couch, watching DVD's or lying in bed watching DVD's. Don't push yourself to do anything.

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