Friday, July 18, 2008

Home Again. The Fiji Experience Part 1

"I don't want to go home!!" Is what Jane heard the most on the last two days of our holiday.
Fiji is a great place to visit and we had a great holiday.

The plane flight over was another story. Everyone told us that the midnight horror flying Virgin Blue was indeedly horrible! People said it was freezing cold and most uncomfortable. We found it too warm, and were peeling off the jumper and any other possible layers. We had blow up pillows, so the comfort factor wasn't too bad, but we also had a guy, a couple of seats behind us, intent on keeping everyone awake! Jane got up and told him off, saying it was 2:30am and people were trying to sleep, could he keep his voice down, THANKYOU!
As most people know, Virgin doesn't serve you food unless you pay the extravagent prices for it, so we brought our own snacks with us.
This is a picture of Jane preparing our bread and cheese (very tasty bread and cheese I might add) snack food at the Domestic - International Train station at Brisbane. Local time - 6 am. WA time - 4 am or thereabouts.
Many hours later and we were off to Fiji. This plane flight was a lot better, I got a lot more sleep, and the view of the islands and reefs as we were descending into Nadi (pronounced Nandi) was spectacular!

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Duncan said...

Hey Jill! great pics... need to post again, don't get lazy like me :)lol